Worst Pick Up Lines…Part 1

Worst Pick Up Lines Part 1

Every week we like to put up some pick up lines on our facebook page and twitter to get the feedback of our community.  Take a look and let me know what you think. Some are good pick up lines, some are funny, and some ..well I”ll let you be the judge.

“What’s a sexy woman like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?”
Our fans on our facebook page voted: Lose!

Anytime the word dirty is used before knowing the woman well enough, you just end up with a dirty look.

Here is one using the I phone to pick up women: Didn’t work! LOL






Just for fun lets take a look at a few more that qualify as “worst pick up lines“….









Notice on that one we have a guy liking it (of course) but the women setting the record straight on how women prefer to be approached!






Hope you had a little fun with these, we like to use our social media profiles for some interesting debates. We have dating stories, funny dating videos, we post our blog tips and secrets on dating, and best of all we have our community engaging and leading the way.

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