Who Was Saint Valentine?


Who Was Saint Valentine? Do you know where today”s celebration came from?

Before I did my homework, I figured this dude was a real smooth brother who had all the ladies in the village going crazy.  I thought he had a way with his words and was good looking, a real old school Casanova type.

After doing a bit of research and coming to find out the man was neither.

Funny how your imagination runs wild based of nothing really, I have no clue why my automatic thoughts of Saint Valentine came to be without any facts to rely on.  Now that I really think about it the word “saint” should have gave it away.

The Legend:

Anyway legend has it “Valentine was a holy priest in Rome, who, with St. Marius and his family, assisted the martyrs in the persecution under Claudius II.” For his trouble, Valentine was beaten and then executed after authorities were unable to Most importantly, make your credit report ratings card payment on time and pay the balance in full each month to avoid accumulating debt!How exactly do you go about getting your first card? It has actually become more difficult for young people to qualify for a credit report ratings card. get him to renounce his faith. His death occurred on February 14.

No one will ever know if the exact details are correct but the main question I explored is how did Valentines day become so huge…

Other then the capital gains a day like today brings for businesses and all that blah blah blah

The true deep romantic meaning is what I set out to explore.  What I was able to gather from this story was the fact the good ol Saint Valentine was a man of great compassion.  He had a purpose bigger then his own, and he sacrificed his life to do something bigger then his selfish wants and desires.  He stood up for love, humanity, and a cause greater then himself.

My man could have been ugly, no game with the women, and heck I guess if he dedicated his life to his faith that means he was a virgin too.  That would be one perspective…

Perfect 10 Hottie”s Think:

The other is he found the purpose a real perfect 10 hottie would find irresistible.  He had a compassionate side that women beg their partners to show and express. He was unselfish and worried about the benefit of others before his own.

Sounds to me like this man was smooth…so smooth they gave him his own day of LOVE!

A women who wouldn”t agree with these sexy qualities, well she is not a perfect 10 and we only want to pick up our version of perfection.

So don”t worry about the 7″s out there that do not get it.  Keep exploring the “You” in yourself and pay attention to the women that have the qualities you want and the guys who have done it before our time….

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