What Are Your Dating Habits?

Dating Habits

I was at Starbucks Saturday morning when I received a phone call from JB.  

In a tone of frustration he asked that I meet up with him so that I can finally diagnose his disease and prescribe him a medicine that would cure him for good. JB is one of my clients, a 37 year old successful entrepreneur who like many others seems to have it all together except for a romantic relationship.

Although we’ve talked previously about his desires of finding a long lasting relationship with a beautiful woman who can hold her own, both emotionally and financially.

JB always finds himself in a one night affair and usually with women who lack much of everything he is looking for.  

Because JB is a smart man who’s clear on what he wants, he’s starting to think that maybe there is something wrong with him, since all he does is attract exactly what he doesn’t want.

The problem with JB and most of us is that often times we are very clear on what we want but we ignore the fact that there are certain patterns in behavior and attitudes that are in automatic pilot in our lives, and that are not favorable to what we want to attract.

Therefore, it is important for us to refine our characters with new attitudes and qualities that are conducive to that which we want to achieve. Because we can only attract what is a true reflection of what we really are.

So if you ever find yourself feeling like JB, take a close look at your habits because after all, character and habits will always dictate your life.

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