Take Command of Her

Take-Command of Her

So there you are, spending some quality time with a woman you really like. This is the first time you’ve hung out, and you’re liking the signals you’re getting from her. This is when a lot of guys make the mistake of getting clingy — of keeping the encounter going, whether it’s a phone conversation or a first dinner date – until she makes her excuses and ends things. You’ve got to get there first.

Women are used to being in command of these types of situations. They’re used to guys hanging around waiting for something to happen. If you preclude that possibility by making your excuses and leaving, she’ll be pleasantly intrigued. “What happened?” “Did I do something wrong? “Doesn’t he like me?” Now, if you’re like most guys, you might think of this as playing games, which is a decidedly unmanly thing to do.

Instead, think of it as reeling her in – seeing how badly she wants you. Cutting off an encounter like that is so foreign to most hotties, it’ll automatically raise your profile in her eyes. She’ll be looking to you for approval, and not the other way around. Imagine that? It’s a powerful feeling, and like anything else, you can abuse it – lead her on a wild goose chase that really puts her through the ringer. But that’s not what you want to do.

Rather, you want to communicate to her that you have your own terms, not hers. Though it may sound like you’re being inconsiderate or vindictive, this behavior will open up a whole new response in her you never imagined. She’ll be hanging on for the ride, wondering what comes next, which is exactly where you want her. Once you take command, it’s very important that you don’t suddenly give it back, even if you’re falling in love with the girl. That’ll be one sure-fire way to send her running for the hills. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t do nice things for her, but do them unexpectedly, whenever it strikes you, and not when she seems to want it.

This most definitely includes sex. If she throws herself at you, give her a hug and back away with a smile and a comment like, “wow, don’t throw yourself at me. I am not that kind of guy?” Then later, you can turn up the heat, slowly, drawing things out and backing off whenever she tries to move things forward. The key here is to be playfully cocky and not arrogant. This will make the payoff, when you finally give it to her, a thousand times more rewarding for both of you.

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