Are you giving up your Penis Power?

Are you giving-up your Penis Power



“I wake up and the first thing I think about in the morning is getting laid.  It kind of takes over my mindset and I cant really focus on anything else but the “punani”.  I start scrolling down my phone contacts and facebook contacts shooting hopeful “whats up” messages to old bootycalls or girls I wish I can hook up with.  I don”t consider myself a jerk with women, but sometimes I cant control the feeling. It”s like my D@!ck has control of me.  Is this normal or do I have some issues I need to talk to someone about?”

Leo R.


Ah, the Penis Power question.  Have to admit, it”s one of my favorites. This is actually something I personally struggled with for a long time until I did some investigating and discovered some very interesting things.

There is a model neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean created called the triune brain.
Not to bore you with all the science jargon that for some reason I cant get enough of but it basically comes down to the brain being divided in to 3 parts: the physical, emotional, and logical.

This according to Maclean is what affects our behavior. Today you can hear some of the biggest thought leaders of our time and also high level marketers reference this model all the time.  Makes sense really, to be able to inspire and lead so many people you have  to know how the mind works in all of us.

So back to the penis power situation and how the triune brain relates.
Very simple answer…the physical portion of our brain or the “reptilian” portion takes over and controls us to the point of obsession.

Good news for Leo and the rest of us, is we can RELAX!
This feeling is actually a natural part of human evolution and not some crazy issue we need a quack to give us pills for.  So now that we know there isn”t something wrong with us we can actually take back control.

Oh yeah…. can”t let you off the hook that easy.
See the fact that it”s a natural feeling doesn”t mean we can let the penis power run wild in our lives.

Women or at least the type of women that can actually make you happy can smell it a mile away when they see a Find your State’s Official Health Marketplace. guy being controlled by his “tool”.  Subconsciously your giving her the penis power, which is a major turn off for a woman. Even if a woman brags about it to her girlfriends, deep down inside she doesn”t want to have that power over you.

However,  now that you are aware that this is just the physical portion of your brain trying to creep up and take control of the other parts of your mind, you can prevent giving up the penis power.

In fact one of the biggest secrets to have a woman dying to see you again is carrying around the power of the penis with you and controlling it.  The fact that you have enough character and purpose in life that you have the reptilian part of your brain in check, is a major turn on for a woman.  In her mind subconsciously she wants to test how strong that power and control is and will continue coming back for more…

But as always don”t take my word for it.  Check out what the woman themselves have to say about the penis power.

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P.S. The text is in bold because my penis made me do it….

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