No Strings Attached, Natalie Portman Scam…

No Strings Attached Natalie Portman Scam…

Every Man’s Fantasy Right?

Natalie Portman where have you been all my life?

The closest thing I am going to get to Ashton Kutcher is watching reruns of the 70’s show on TBS.

Hollywood Movie Magic! Oh Hollywood, you corrupt our minds so much…..the scam begins!

No Strings Attached is the dating worlds version of the Lotto.  Getting a drop dead gorgeous woman to be your friend, then just use you for sex with no emotional drama in between, is like hitting the $300 million dollar powerball on a Saturday night.

This is the reality for most guys 99% of the time:

But we all hope to win the Lotto running down to the store to buy that “lucky” ticket every time the pot looks good and begin to dream of how are life will change if we win it.

Very similar pattern happens when our dream girl talks to us, has a coffee with us, or calls us asking for that special advice.  We begin to dream about her realizing what a great guy we really are and how we can save her from all the jerks she keeps dating.  Our sexual chemistry will be so magnetic that we can live in our own little fantasy world.

Do you hear the birds chirping?  Good cause they are singing the Friends Zone blues!
Most guys go in to a friendship with a woman hoping for one of 2 things:

1. Love = Girlfriend!


2. No strings attached, mind blowing sex!

Most guys walk away with 2 answers:

1. “Your like my brother” (yet I want you to make me feel secure, build my furniture, drive me everywhere, and pay for our “special talk” lunches)

2. “I don’t want to ruin the amazing friendship we have” (Lifetime membership to the Friend Zone)

OK so rather then hope for the lotto to be filthy rich, you have more of a chance working your way to the millions you need.  Same thing goes for women….

Rather then hope you get out of the friends zone, you have a much higher percentage to having a crazy romance with her, if from the start you work toward your goal rather then sit back and hope.

Follow these few tips to avoid a lifetime of the friend zone:

1. Do not be available for her 24/7

Biggest mistake you can do is pick up every single call, re-arrange your plans every time she needs something, and constantly do really nice things for her before she has even lifted a finger for you.  It is very simple, act like she is any other guy friend who is calling you to help him move all his crap to a new place.  You won’t jump through hoops or cancel your other plans for that “exciting” opportunity.

2. Be real instead of nice

Trying to sympathize and be understanding when she gets her heart broken again from the douche bag who has been ignoring her for weeks is not going to get her in to your arms anytime soon.  She needs tough love and someone to get her back on her feet and fast!  Try keeping it short and sweet and go out and have the time of your lives together, making her feel like the world isn’t going to end because of some loser. Instead of being the shoulder to cry on, be the guy who makes her feel amazing and gorgeous with a night of dancing, laughing, flirting and absolutely no tears or sad “victim” conversations.

3. Talk about other women

Let her know you got things going on in your life as well.  Pay attention to the advice she gives you when it comes to women, she is giving you golden information to her own perspective.

There was one time I was telling my so called “friend” (who was very hot) about a girl who I met and was taking out Friday night.  She gave me all these really great tips and places I should take her.  The night before I called my “friend” and told her I canceled the date because of a few signs I saw from the new girl that I wasn’t digging.  Since the night was all planned out already I told my friend I couldn’t think of anyone else I rather have a good time with then her, so I invited her to come on this fantasy date she helped me put together and not let it go to waste.  Needless to say that was the first of many dates between us, and the friend zone was something we laughed about under the covers a few months later!

I have a few more girlfriends that have a few tips on getting out of the friend zone in our amazing Dating Advice Videos.  Check out what they had to say and you will be surprised on how simple it is to stay away from the “like a brother” death sentence.

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