Module 1

Action Steps: Compliments!

  • Close your eyes and place yourself in a hotel room overlooking the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. In the room with you is the girl that you have been dying to date for what seems like an eternity. I want you to compliment her in 10 different ways with each one making her more comfortable and drawing her close to you. Visualize that once a day for at least a week. The longer you do it, the more comfortable you will be when you find yourself in that situation.
  • Spend at the minimum an hour a day completely naked. When you are comfortable and familiar with being naked, that energy is like a magnet for any woman in the room with you. Exuding this energy will have her feeling so comfortable she will have no problem letting all inhibitions disappear.

My notes….

One of my recent dating experiences gave me huge insight on this subject.  I have always been comfortable once you reach the point of “Adam and Eve” nakedness with a woman.  I refer to it in that way because bottom line its not like we have something that isn’t suppose to be there….

The gorgeous girl I am referring to would completely get off on the fact that I was so comfortable being naked with her.
What she didn’t know is that I was comfortable naked regardless.  Anytime she would come over to spend the night I would remove all my clothes and jump right in to bed with her.  One time after a few sexy text messages to come over, I opened the door for her butt naked!

Then the golden line came out…”I love how easy you get naked with me, it makes me feel completely comfortable to be naked with you!”