Module 1

Action Steps: Don’t Try So Hard, Be Yourself, Focus Your Attention On Her!

  • Re-play the worst experience you had with a woman and notice every move you made that went wrong.Rewrite the script for that moment, fix every single one of the details to turn it in to a perfect moment!

My notes….

Now there has been a couple moments I can admit I am not proud of in my history with women.
It really all has to do with trying to “make it” happen.  Instead of going with the flow and letting things play out I tried to force things to go my way.

In my most serious of dating regrets,  each time I tried to force the issue to go my way. I can remember really wanting to go out with this girl who showed some interest.  However, she was busy the weekend I really wanted to see her.  So instead of going with the flow and feeling her out for a better time to hang out, I found myself trying to arrange a date in between the things she needed to do.  Not my finest moment I have to admit.  She ended up agreeing to one of the complicated options in between the stuff she needed to do. While we were on the phone together she seemed like she was willing to meet, but come the day we were suppose to hang out she canceled on me anyway.

We didn’t get off to a great start because then I waited on her to decide when was best and it turned in to this cat and mouse game and just fizzled out.  Tracing it all back to what went wrong I can see how the phone call set the wrong tone from day 1.