Module 1

Action Steps: Honesty, Humor, The Way You Speak, Eye Contact, And A Thirst For Growth All Show Her Your Personality And Character.

  • Get a book or audio book on a topic of self improvement. It can be about health, wealth, spirituality, relationships, time management, or any other topic that will cause a shift in the way you see the world. This will show any woman you speak with a lot of the traits they are looking for.

My Notes….

Women and different then us instinctively.  We have a long list of physical traits we check off before we even start thinking about the layers underneath.  However, a woman the second after she notices something about you is already peeling back the layers seeing who you really are and where you’re going…

One of my craziest stories was taking a girl out who for a long time I wanted to have an opportunity with.  Finally, the timing was right and I invited her to a birthday party one of my best friends was having at a new club.  She met me at my place where everyone came to pre-party. I was giving her complete attention and things seemed to be going well at first.  Once we got to the club she was giving the the friendly cold shoulder.  Being very polite but didn’t seem interested to dance nor really get close to me.  After about 2 hours I thought she was giving me a clear “just friends” signal so I decided to dance with some of the other girls that came with us.  She also knew a few people who were there so it wasn’t like I ditched her, I made sure she wasn’t alone.  Needless to say by the end of the night I was making plans with another girl there instead of “my date”.  I’ll finish the details on “the second chance” video later but the important part is I did get the second chance to make up for it and the #1 reason she gave me for giving me another opportunity was the books she saw on my table made her curious to know more.  The books…..”7 habits of highly effective people” and “The Power of Now”.

A simple book was a sign of there being  more to me then just a good time, not only did it get me a second chance but we dated for a year and had some great times.