Module 1

Action Steps: Stop Being Pushy, Remove All Expectations, No Booze Cruise On The First Date And Most Importantly Don’t Talk About The EX!

  • Create your own no-no list with women. Realize she wants you to like her as much as you want her to like you. By knowing there are things you do not want from a woman you take the pressure off yourself and create a natural laid back attitude with her.

My Notes…

I notice each girl pointed out something that stands out for me, every no-no relates to a selfish quality in a man.
If your drinking to much, talking about your ex, being pushy, etc…. it all happens to be actions that are only taking one person in to consideration…YOURSELF.

Same thing for women, see my biggest No-No on my list when I am dating a woman is asking me why I didn’t answer her call if she happens to get my voice-mail because  I didn’t pick up her call.  I had a gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous  successful girl I was dating for about 2 weeks.  Up until then my work load was not to crazy so she happen to get me to pick up my phone call every time she called.  It wasn’t like she called me to much anyway so I didn’t ever think anything of it.  Finally, work started getting crazy and she happen to get my voice-mail that day she called.  Later that night when I returned her phone call she committed the “No-No” asked me why I did not pick up her call earlier. From that point on, it went down hill.  I noticed a certain selfish insecurity in many things after, so I decided it was better we just stay good friends.  When both men and women get caught up in something without taking in to consideration how the other person may feel it usually ends up on their NO-No list!

So for me the simple formula is ….selfish = no-no