Is she a perfect 10?

Is she a perfect-10

What kind of women are a perfect 10?

Are you looking for the perfect 10 in your life or are you wasting time trying to pick up a bunch of 7’s, 8’s, or even 5’s ..?

Does a perfect 10 exist?

At some point both male and female find themselves wondering these questions in their dating life, even some married couples still go through the same exact questions.

Well the biggest mistake most of us make is paying to much attention to the word “perfect” rather then really internalizing what perfect means to each one of us.


Ever heard the term love is blind? Ever wonder where that term came from?

I have no clue where it started but I think whoever started that term was trying to point out that there is no “absolute perfect”.  Each one of us loves and finds happiness in something different.

But are you being honest with yourself?

You now have full control to pick your perfect woman, and it doesn’t matter if anyone else approves.  Now the tricky part about this amazing opportunity is you have to look in the mirror and ask yourself what is perfect for “me”.

A huge problem most of us deal with is being near sighted when it comes to that question.  Are you considering your future, your purpose, the type of family you want to raise, and is she the right person to help you evolve to the next level?

How many of us consider some of these questions when we see a cute girl and want to get to know her?

And these are just a handful of the many questions you need to answer, before even looking for the right woman…

I recently met an amazing girl. She was drop dead gorgeous, great at her job, amazing personality, and very sexy.  Sounds like a perfect 10 right?  However, there was one major thing missing.  I wanted her to be the perfect 10 so bad that I started to reason with myself to try and convince my mind the quality missing wasn’t that major.

Eventually I couldn’t ignore the insecurities anymore.  I know all of us have insecurities and I dont judge her for that, but realizing it and trying to work at it is key.  Instead she ignored the issue and refused to even communicate about how I was feeling about everything.

An evolved woman that is going to make you happy isn’t perfect but she works at improving everyday.  She is confident and not just because of how she looks but because she is happy with herself without the need of anyone else to approve.  The things she learns through having great communication in a relationship, she applies and begins to work on it knowing the purpose is to evolve.  She realizes that being in a healthy dating environment is one of learning from each other and communication with a purpose to truly understand each other.

Now if that’s a perfect 10, where do you think you need to be to have a woman like this? Are you working on being a perfect 10 yourself?

Did you know highly evolved women can smell B.S. a mile away?

Are you searching for acceptance by any woman you talk to instead of looking for your perfect 10?

Once you realize and establish what your perfect 10 truly is, you stop searching for acceptance by all women (making it easier to talk to women) and you analyze if the girls around you even match up to your perfect 10 standards.

Can you see how the tables turn making your life easier?

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