I Am Still Hoping For Her To Come Around….

Pick Up Lines

Robert met Tatiana on a dating website.

When they first met they both knew there was instant chemistry. They made plans to see each other again a week later on a Friday night and they ended up spending the whole weekend together.  At that point, they both agreed to see each other right away as soon as they got a chance. However, because Robert travels a lot for work, he had to be away for almost three weeks after their weekend together.

At first, Robert and Tatiana would talk on the phone almost every night while he was away, but then the calls from Tatiana came in less and less.  As soon as Robert got back from his trip three weeks later, he made it a priority to see Tatiana; however, every time he tried to arrange plans with her, she always had a reason for not being able to make it.

Although Robert felt a disconnection, he opted to stay optimistic and continue trying. Three more weeks went by, and although Robert and Tatiana still talk on the phone occasionally, they have not seen each other again.  When I asked Robert why he has not given up, his answer was that he has never felt such connection before with any one and he was holding on hoping for just one more chance to show her what a great guy he was.

We’ve all been guilty of this at some point in our lives, where we get stuck in the moment and created an entire future based on that. We tell our selves the story that this is “the one” and we even make ourselves guilty if everything goes wrong.

And so you choose to linger around hoping for the next chance, where you can finally show them how great of a catch you are. But should you really invest your time on people that cannot see a great thing when they have it? 

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