How long do you wait to call her?

How-long do you wait to call her

I got the digits!!

Ok, so….” When do I call her?”

This is the usual question all men ask themselves when we get the all time HIGH of a woman’s phone number!

If you wait to long then she may forget who you are.
If you call to soon you might come off desperate.

What is the fine line between playing it cool and letting her know you really want to get to know her?

Let’s take a look a the possible mind-set of a woman when she gives out her number

  • Best Case Scenario – she is interested and wants you to call her asap
  • Worst Case Scenario – she gave you her number to make herself feel good by having a guy chase her a bit (not saying all women do this but they do exist)
  • 50/50 Case Scenario – she wasn’t sure and didn’t want to be mean (good news is you still have a shot depending on what you do next)

I have heard the 2 day, 3 day, and even the 1 week rule from a lot of guys… But how about what women think? We have a few ladies giving us their perspective in a video interview, on the perfect time to call and what to say….

When To Call Video

Tell  me what you think the rule should be?

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