Flirting Like an Animal….

Flirting Like an Animal….

Did you know there is a way Men And Women Communicate without even standing close to each other or talking? Do you know the way a woman’s eyes react when they are feeling excited and flirty?

There are men who can tell if a woman is interested in them by the way she is standing or how she checks her cell phone.

However the true power comes when you can walk in to a room and command the attention of single beautiful women, simply by the body language you use. You never even have to say a word to them and they already are dying to know more about you. This is a reality I discovered when I was in my early 20’s. (Funny enough at Starbucks)

Body Language = Energy and the energy you give off spreads through the room and women can feel it. If you can master this, then you can create an energy that works like a magnate with any woman you are interested in.

I began to study and develop this new discovery by studying not only the way Men And Women would move and interact with their physical tools, but even the way animals used body language to establish the “status” among themselves…

It is crazy how similar both interactions are to each other. Now all that biological evolution stuff was starting to make sense to me…

Bottom line what I have gathered through years of analyzing and reading people in different situations, is it doesn’t matter what you say….

If you only learn how to transmit the right energy by flirting with body language the results you want will happen before you even open your mouth and ask for her name.

Crazy part is most men that mastered this aren’t even the best looking dudes out there. If you want a woman to feel a crazy desire when you speak to her, then you must learn to give the signals that women are programmed naturally to react to. Yes, just like the matrix…. PROGRAMMED.

Truth is most men NEVER learn this. I would have never realized it myself if it wasn’t for a girl in Starbucks talking loud enough about it until it clicked in my head.

If you don’t have a loud woman at Starbucks screaming out Body Language Secrets then maybe these ladies can help.

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