Is She your Egyptian Nightmare?


Egyptian nightmareSo your sitting there home alone on a Friday night feeling hopeless…again!

You keep playing in your head Wednesday”s horrible attempt to talk to “Mary” your gorgeous co-worker you keep obsessing about since she started working with you 3 months ago.

It has reached a point that your heart races every time she ask you for the files on the client you are working on.  You stutter while responding in a haze to her question, then spend the next 3 hours trying to remember what you said, how you said it, and how much of a fool you think you made of yourself.

Back to Friday night at home with this bad movie of thoughts and emotions playing over & over & over again in your head…..

“I should have said this, I should have stood by the door when she….
Why didn”t I ask her to… ”

You eventually pass out after a late night of TV, Internet surfing (websites will remain nameless), and of course “Mary” obsession syndrome.

Now the dreams start to race in your sleep, she is standing there calling your name and smiling asking you to come have a drink with her, but the horror movie keeps playing out the same way in your dreams.  There is no refuge for you and your “Mary” mistakes.

Sound familiar?

That”s what I like to call the Egyptian Nightmare…..

“The “New Age” subject of dream interpretation isn’t new at all. Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians used the messages in their dreams in order to cure illnesses, make important State decisions, and even to decide where to build a temple or when to wage a battle. Dreams were considered to be divine predictions of the future. They were messages from the gods that could be foretelling of impending disasters or, conversely, of good fortune; therefore, understanding the significance of one’s dreams was an important part of the culture.”

There is some good news in all of this for you, no need to travel to the Und tatsachlich kommt mit “Xtra Hot™” ein weiterer Klassiker auf den Monitor, denn der Online Spielautomat gehort zur Familie der Fruits slots, was ebenfalls. pyramids of Egypt to figure this nightmare out.

This my friend falls completely on your own shoulders, which means you have the power to change this nightmare in to a pleasant dream.

We tend to bring up memories of a situation and see it in a different light.
Psychotherapist call this reframing.

99% of the time the situation with “Mary” you keep playing in your head as a horrible experience is really neutral. In fact “Mary” doesn”t even remember it 5 minutes after it happen.  Yet you are sitting home completely reprogramming it in your subconscious as the end of all ends….After this moment you think your chances with Mary are out the window.

Here is a little trick to this funny little reframing thing ALL of us do in some way or another.
It is based on your current State of Mind.  If you are in a negative hopeless mindset, then bringing up any thoughts are going to seem very dark and hopeless.  The opposite holds true and this is where the true masters of Dating Hot Women separate themselves from the rest.  In a positive state of mind you can change these nightmares by recalling it and seeing it with the positive outlook your currently experiencing.


Here is the simple formula:

Bad energy and mindset = bad dreams, bad memories, bad perspectives

Good energy and mindset = good dreams, good memories, good perspectives


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