Best PickUp Lines Pledge of Allegiance

Best-PickUp Lines Pledge of Allegiance

OK, so I have been taking some time off, once again doing some research to this whole dating game..

I felt I needed to be crystal clear with the words I was going to share with you

I didn”t want to be one of those cheesy dating guru”s that give you all these bogus tips on how to approach women.

The reality is most of them are trying to turn you in to someone your not.

I mean come on the guy on that show “VH1 Pick Up Artist” was wearing GOGGLES on his head!!

Dude If i ever tell you to do anything remotely close to that….feel free to tear me a new one on every social media site and forum known to man!!

So bottom line, I needed to back away for a know go do all the yoga and meditation one man can handle

(Here is the tip for online casino this post: Hot Women love to do Yoga and Meditate so check those spots out asap! Wow)

So here is my promise and commitment….I am going to put my heart and soul in to bringing you the TRUTH.

I am going to continue going straight to the source : WOMEN!!!.. for the answers to the questions we all want to know.

I promise to be genuine, transparent, and most of all REAL!
Doesn”t matter who I am, or how many women I date…this is about YOU!

I want you to walk away with an experience that you feel not just good about, but that it really made a difference in your perspective on women and dating.

So for the next few days I am going to finalize the complete MAKEOVER to Best Pick Up Lines brand and bring it  to you as real and raw as it can be!

Thanks for holding tight and being honest!

Leave me a comment on any question or request you may have…


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