Best Pick Up Lines, 1 Simple Word?

Best Pick Up Lines 1 Simple Word

What is the Best Pick Up Line?

I have to admit that picking up women for some crazy reason always seems like such a mystical formula that we have to uncover in our lives.

Something so simple as talking to another human being has become this major hurdle of a mans life by the time he hits puberty.


I can remember being in junior high and just even the thought of approaching the girl I had  a crush on became a sweaty situation.  My hands would start to get a little moist, my heart would beat faster, my words started to come at me at different speeds and not even in a clear coherent order.  I would completely psych myself out without even taking the first step toward any girl.

Now lets fast forward 20 years later and with as much interaction as I have had with  women, successful dates and relationship’s, it still isn’t the normal experience it should be to approach a woman and begin a conversation as it is with just some dude at the gym for example.  I can talk about anything with the guy who is training on the same bench press station with me and not even think twice about it.  Slap some spandex and make this person part of the attractive female race and now I automatically begin to coach myself through the conversation.

Isn’t that nuts!!
Same situation only difference is she is hot, and he ..well he is  just a “HE” (enough said)

This sick programming since the day I was born a male, kicks in and the “best pickup line” rolodex starts to go in to overdrive without me even calling for it.  I do not even want to pick up the girl in some instances but my mind recognizes the female species and begins to go in to the zone!

Well the healthy part is I am clearly aware of it and have improved dramatically.

Being aware of my emotions, thoughts, physical reactions, and the overall system that takes place when I speak to women has uncovered amazing wonders for me to explore.  The deprogramming is in full affect and with the help of what I like to call “The Art Of Listening To A Woman”, the best pick up line for me is easy, smooth, and part of a normal process.

Here is just one that works full proof every time, a simple one word approach….”Hey”

I know what your thinking, women are so complex and dating is the hardest thing to figure out that one simple word can’t be the answer.

I am glad your questioning me, that is always a good sign of a smart man.

A very wise man said all perspective is partial perspective.

So check out a woman’s perspective instead.

Real Women giving Real Dating Secrets so you don’t have to take my word for it.  This is just one of the few great pick up lines I have learned from these women that has worked to perfection.  Go check out for yourself what else they have to say!

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