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Hi, I’m Eric Eros …

Aren’t you sick and tired of only having the option to promote junk?

You either have the wonderful choice of “push button millionaire blah blah blah” or if you are doing the dating niche like me ….these fake ass “Pick Up Artist” teaching magic tricks and wearing goggles on their head???


Well, if you’ve vowed like me to never again mess with products like this, we need to partner up and do something that we can make $$$$$ and feel good about!

I created this interview series with these Gorgeous Women just for this reason alone…

A way for you to make REAL money (75% commission payout) online promoting a 100% unique product … Laser focused on one specific target market and has them actually THANKING you for selling them because the product solves a major problem they have battled with since their kindergarten crush pushed them off the monkey bars!

…But I can’t do this alone and that’s the God honest truth.


I need your serious affiliate ninja skills to take this thing to the masses!


Why BPL aside from the generous 75% commission payouts ?

  • We are constantly testing copy, images, videos, and anything else that can help our conversions


  • We have a ton of video content left to edit to continue to bring as upsells and future products. (This is just the beginning)


  • Once we hit our goals we are bringing in live Skype sessions with the Girls and yes you will have a chance to make big $$$ on this one!


  • The Live Event is already planned so once we hit our magic number with your help…the big ticket commissions will be made available to you first!


As you can see I am not promising fake numbers or big hype here….I am looking for real partners who want to promote a quality product and grow together!

If that isn’t your thing and you like that hype stuff then we aren’t for you…

If you are ready to promote something that is actually valuable and lead to high converting upselling opportunities then I need you to sign up right now!


Here’s All You Have To Do To Get Started …


Step 1: Create Your FREE Clickbank Affiliate Account

To get paid as a BPL Affiliate you’ll need your very own unique Clickbank Affiliate name called a “Clickbank ID.” If you already have your Clickbank ID, you can skip to step 2.

If you don’t have a Clickbank Affiliate account, you’ll need to sign up as a Clickbank Affiliate(link). You can use anything as your Clickbank ID, just pick something you’re going to remember =-)


Here’s how your Clickbank ID works:

When you promote BPL you’ll use your Clickbank ID in your affiliate link to our landing pages. Anytime someone clicks on one of your affiliate links they’ll get “cookied” to you… and when that prospect buys you’ll get your FULL commission and credit for the sale.

The reason I like to use Clickbank is because it makes it incredibly easy to make sure you get paid generously and on-time. No annoying accounting or worrying about sales tax or anything like that. You just promote and cash a check. Couldn’t be simpler.


Step 2: Get Your Link

Set up your Clickbank Affiliate Link by replacing “AFFILID” with your own Clickbank ID.

bestpickup” is our Clickbank merchant name. Just replace “AFFILID” with your Clickbank ID. Make sure to keep the rest of the link EXACTLY as you see it.

For example, if your Clickbank username was “makemoneysam” your link would look like this:


Step 3: As you read this we’re already planning more video interviews,  adding in more upsells, more follow up and turning this monster into a total ATM CASH machine for affiliates.


I am committed to this thing being the best product you promote!

– Eric Eros

P.S. If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer with a large opt-in-list please contact  so we can discuss how I can make this your #1 promotion!

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