Hey what’s up and thank you for checking my page out.


I wanted to introduce myself, and let you in to my world.
My name is Eric Eros and I am just a regular guy, who has spent most of his life trying to figure out “the women in my life” part out.

To give you the quick background story behind all this, it started way back in high school.
I was a sports guy really never had a girlfriend through my time in school and had one major “high school crush” who happen to be my “first”, break my heart because she didn’t want to be my girlfriend…crushed! (Guess I didn’t WOW her)

Then came my senior year and even though I still didn’t have a Girlfriend… I was dating a lot of girls and was even labeled a “player” by some.

This went on through my early 20′s where I had some luck with women, Dating very gorgeous models, actresses, teachers, paralegals, etc.. Before I move on let me clear a misconception up, even though they were not all serious relationships I was never a “one night stand type” of guy. Till this day I can count on one hand how many times that has happen.

Then it started to creep up on me. All my friends thought I had these secret moves to get all these women to date me. They would all come to me asking for validation on their ideas on how to pick up that girl in their office they been dying to take out or just wanted to hear the details of my weekend with Maria the teacher with the killer smile.

That’s when the BIG question hit me… Was I doing something different then they were? Was there really a “Best” way to pick up women?

So I hit the Internet and bought all the books, training programs, and secret hidden camera pick up artist videos I can find. Learned it all and thought I was now the ultimate “Pick Up Secret Weapon”. Ready to hit the streets to conquer the land of women.
What happen next caught me by surprise… I was striking out and hard! It started to not only affect the natural confidence I had started to develop since my senior year in high school but I wasn’t even having any luck with some of the girls I use to date either.

Weeks turned in to months of my dating life going down the drain. I did not know why all these new skills I had learned along with my usual success with women was failing on me.

Then the “A-HA” moment hit me. One of the girls I dated (who happens to be one of the girls we interviewed here as well) gave me the best piece of information that blew all the crap I had bought and learned away. She told me the one thing she loved about our times together was that I would listen and not just in conversation, but that my actions would show her that I had truly paid attention to everything we would talk about.

That is when the ART OF LISTENING TO WOMEN system was born…

I ran home and began writing notes, and notes, and notes and…you get the point right ?
Every great date I ever had came flashing in my head and I just wrote what I got from each and every conversation and moment I can remember.

As pages and pages started to fill up I saw how different it all was to the crap I had paid a ton of money to learn. It was so simple to me, just listen closely to her and she will tell you exactly what she wants and how to make her happy. I spent the next months going back to my roots, completely deprogramming myself from all the crap I learned from the so called Dating Guru’s and fake Pick Up Artist.

My dating life not only came back, but was now better then ever since I knew what the secret was.

Now I have decided to interview every gorgeous girl I know on video and build a website to share it with everyone. I also share with you how I decode what they are saying in the videos to give you insight you can use on your next date….

The system I created behind the “Art of Listening to Women” will give you one thing guaranteed…
A whole new outlook on what women want and how to give it to them.
Not to mention this is just the beginning.

Their friends heard how much fun we had and now I have interviews booked for the next 6 months…
Don’t worry…of course I plan to share them here.

Now please do not take my word for it.

Everything we do comes with a 100% risk free guarantee. If you do not find any of the dating advice, secrets, tips that the women share with you or my system on how to decode what they are really trying to tell you worth it…

We have no problem hearing constructive criticism. It will only help us improve our information.
I do not pretend to know everything about women or dating but what I do know I will always share and give you different perspectives to use.

I truly believe in what we do and what these amazing women shared with us in our videos…

It also helps when we have over a hundred guys in our test market give us 2 thumbs up and the major green light….but hey who’s counting right.

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Eric Eros