Jonathan Is Scared To Approach Women…

Although he is desperate to be in a relationship, he just can’t image the thought of approaching women much less being able to start a conversation. He is just scared to approach women!

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What Are Your Dating Habits?

JB always finds himself in a one night affair and usually with women who lack much of everything he is looking for. What is your dating habit?

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I Am Still Hoping For Her To Come Around….

And so you choose to linger around hoping for the next chance, where you can finally show them how great of a catch you are.

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Best PickUp Lines Pledge of Allegiance

I mean come on the guy on that show "VH1 Pick Up Artist" was wearing GOGGLES on his head!!

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Who Was Saint Valentine?

No one will ever know if the exact details are correct but the main question I explored is how did Valentines day become so huge…

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Is she a perfect 10?

Are you looking for the perfect 10 in your life or are you wasting time trying to pick up a bunch of 7′s, 8′s, or even 5′s ..?

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Best Pick Up Lines, 1 Simple Word?

I can remember being in junior high and just even the thought of approaching the girl I had a crush on was a sweaty situation.

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Is She your Egyptian Nightmare?

"I should have said this, I should have stood by the door when she….
Why didn't I ask her to… "

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Worst Pick Up Lines…Part 1

Just for fun lets take a look at a few more that qualify as “worst pick up lines”….

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No Strings Attached, Natalie Portman Scam…

Every Man’s Fantasy Right?
Natalie Portman where have you been all my life?

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